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Best sources for free ebooks

Sun, May 27th, 2018 @ 11:50:32 AM - 

Free ebooks


76,580 free ebooks on Smashwords

With Smashwords, you can publish your own ebooks if you’re a writer but you can also buy these published ebooks or get them for free. The ebook listing has a lot of filters as newest releases, bestsellers, most sold, most downloaded, highest rated, then following price category or for free, special deals, following length in “k+number” words. There are fiction and non-fiction work each with many subcategories. In total there are 486,540 works among which 76,580 for free. Smashashword ebooks and also free ebooks are from modern writers and not to confuse with public domain free ebooks!

Find free ebooks on Smashwords


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