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The need of a Berliner wall on the Moon

Sat, Jul 22nd, 2017 @ 9:00:40 AM - 


“We can’t hide behind a wall,” Obama notified the German chancellor in a kind of a fake news article, probably only publicity, they sent around the web during the last NATO top. What was so wrong with their conversation? Donald Trump, president of the United states introduced the third world war several months ago. Who declared it, what is the deeper case and what has been the motif? Albert Einstein made his predictions about its weapons what even doesn’t approach the current reality.
Mars rover with one eye less than the last new Moon Rover and a gripper in front © juliarstudio / 123RF Stockfoto

From Bilderberg whores to exposed individuals

Collaboration seems to be a mistake with sanctions as a consequence. Where on Earth can people go for not being confronted with the third world war? This is a question quite easy to answer. Switzerland is a thinly populated rocky neutral country but eventually still within ISIS’ forerunners’ area.

Another nice none ESA (&related) space exploration project on the sheduler

The take off of the Dutch Mars mission got a new postponing but Germany is intended to affirm its genius with its brand new Moon project. Preparations are being made to put at least one rover on the Moon, wearing the Audi logo on its nose and foreseen of two pair jeep wheels and solar panels on the back. In the “head” three holes with a camera and more useful objects to transmit as much Moon info to the Earth as possible. An infrared detector (?) and why not a front light to lighten the bottom at night for people watching the exciting trip over the Moon deck.

From logo show off to the depiction of Macron’s phantasy

When the Moon car(s) have made enough tours around the Apollo area every German will have purchased his Audi. Will that be the end of the German Moon mission? Let’s hope it isn’t. Publicity has much more in petto. First of all, you’ve got layers carrying the message of the company behind as beer cards, cups, waiter plates, and parasols. Now the deus ex machina appears existing in the marriage between Macron and Angela Merkel. Based on the political heritage of France, Moon lasers will appear drawing a giant Audi logo in the Moon air for remembering new automobilists the race of the recent Germans’ family car.

But what with a Berliner wall on the Moon?

Why not? It’s even an idea that shouldn’t be worked out with lasers although that would simplify it! Little cars equipped with levers on both sides of their auto body will crawl all over the Moon. The ends do not necessarily need to wear pliers. The front levers, for instance, could end in a drill, grips to bring dynamite in holes, depth pillars and so on. The introduction of Hector George Wells’ original Moon inhabitants shows its usefulness now. Soon the victims of the pest control from the antique world will appear to the point to join this human beehive. The offspring of cockroaches from the Roman Imperium, lice from the Enlightening and more. Certainly, their ancestors’ ones traveled to the Moon also whether it was with the big jump or with a high-risk projectile. From the second side levers, the grips can gather stones into the load back or throw with high precision to the trailers. You can also omit to diversify the front levers and furnish these with ordinary grips making them to common workers being produced in mass to make a speed of the wall building.


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