Splash Drone Auto - Professional waterproof drone by SwellPro and Urban Drones

A fully waterproof professional drone - Splash Drone Auto - White This fully comprehensive drone kit has an impressive and unique feature set: Ready to Fly Splash Drone AUTOStrong aluminium travel and storage caseTwo brand new (unopened) and one used sets of carbon fibre propellersFully Waterproof (ideal for boats, fishing, rivers, water photography etc)Professional 2.4ghz 8 Channel Remote Control7" Video Monitor - 5.8ghz Diversity for live camera view Payload Release System for dropping packages (rations, life vest etc)GoPro 3 camera, 16Gb micro SD card and waterproof case included 3 brand new (unused) 5200mAh 14.8V 30C High Discharge LiPo batteriesFan cooled fast battery charger 19+ Minute Flight Time Drone health and full location and flight detail monitored from remote Follow-Me Mode with tracking beacon Auto Return To HomeObject circle mode Autonomous Navigation with programmable flight plans with mobile App Land and Float on Water Film under water Low Battery Safety Landing Hard ABS Body Design for DurabilityThis is a fully current and available Drone from urban drones.com. https://www.urbandrones.com/collections/all-products/products/splash-drone-waterproof-auto-white This drone is completely modular and upgradable. Flying it is easy, it is perfectly stable and the GPS location and accurate flight control means it goes up steadily and precisely, it rotates smoothly, flys backwards and forwards perfectly (and fast!). It is powerful and stable in high winds and stays exactly where you let go of the controls. If it flies out of sight or you're lazy it returns to home at the flick of a switch . The person tracking is great and it follows you as you walk or run. It also has modes for flying around an object for fantastic aerial photography. The drone works in conjunction with the SwellPro smartphone app to allow control of take off, flight route planning and follow modes direct from your phone (see image above). Note. A degree of technical competence is required to get the most from this drone, as it is fully featured and the design lets you swap and customise the control modules, video controller, gimbal controller, camera mount, payload release mechanism, add FPV goggles etc. See here for the range of accessories: https://www.urbandrones.com/collections/splash-drone-accessories Despite seeming complicated, setup is quite easy and flight can be achieved very quickly. It is all currently set up and ready to calibrate and go. Full operational instructions can be found online and in Urbandrones' FAQs: http://store.swellpro.com/splashdrone https://www.urbandrones.com/pages/faq) The castle image above and the following video was taken without a gimbal, with just the GoPro fixed to the bottom of the drone: https://youtu.be/t11hzvtj2sE Note: I bought this Drone in the USA a year and a half ago and have used it just two times. Everything is in good condition. The landing legs have lost their rubber end stops, but this is not an issue and doesn't affect flight in any way. The supply of spares (I bought new props and some spare anti-vibration washers) from the US is easy, efficient and cheap. I have the waterproof gimbal, but the gimbal controller module inside the drone never worked, so I think it needs replacing. I'm not advertising it with this as a feature, but will include it if required. Due to the weight of the case and the LiPo batteries, I will not accept international bids and WILL NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY. I am based in Swindon, so the Drone could be picked up from there in the weekends or from Croydon where I work during the week to save postage.

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  • Splash Drone Auto - Professional waterproof drone by SwellPro and Urban Drones
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