• Kindle eBooks -Now Updated for 2017 - A Set of 4 DVD's  - Special Holidays Offer
The Original Kindle Books Collection.Yes the Original, not a cloned or copied old version of this one! No mis leading descriptions of differing prices and numbers of books added. Ours is the 2016/2017 Bonus Collection with Free postage and a verified Premier Seller status! Please check and don't get fooled! And now with 83 genuine new Books added for March. Please don't get fooled by some of the listings as they are not what they seem in content, make sure like mine, that you CAN get a refund in case it's old old material? And so due to this and to promote this superb collection better to you the buyer, I have lowered the price to only £6.99 and it's 'Free postage'. This is very good value against the £9.99 for a Single latest download and gives you thousands of books in return. Simple! To help you decide which to Buy we offer a list of this Original Ultimate Kindle Books Collection with a Free Taster book sent!See my other item listings that relates to this. Simple and get your money back if you buy the set. This is a very current collection of Mobi ebooks. On 4 presentation Dvd’s suitable for Kindles and Kindle reader app. I am a PREMIUM BRONZE POWER SELLER. Check my excellent feed back. Proof of quality. Proof of Service to the Buyer.It is why we have sold over a 1000 sets sold to date See we offer a full Money back guarantee, user guides and a constant back up service plus advise on monthly additional books. This is so important. Lastly, please consider writing a Product review if you are happy with this product. Don't mention specific authors and titles please as eBay don't allow that.Thank you as it helps others decide if we're good. Just general suitable comments please. NOTES ON COPYRIGHT NO EBAY TERMS ARE BREACHED IN THIS LISTING. CONTENTS OF THIS ITEM IS DISTRIBUTED FREELY AND GLOBALLY UNDER THE TERMS OF THE GNU PUBLIC LICENSE, THE GNU LESSER PUBLIC LICENSE (LGPL) OR IS A FREEWARE WITH FREE/OPEN DISTRIBUTION LICENSE. THIS ITEM DOES NOT INFRINGE ANY COPYRIGHT, TRADE MARK OR OTHER RIGHTS OR ANY EBAY LISTING POLICIES. ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS ARE ACKNOWLEDGED AS BELONGING TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. MY ITEMS ARE EITHER IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN OR I OWN GENUINE RESELL RIGHTS FOR THEM OR HAVE BEEN COLLECTED AND COMPILED BY ME.

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Kindle eBooks -Now Updated for 2017 - A Set of 4 DVD's - Special Holidays Offer

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