A Fall Of Moondust
Tue, Aug 15th, 2017 @ 12:26:28 PM

The Selene is a touristic ship riding tourists over the Sea of ​​the Thirst. The driver is Pat and his hostess is Sue. Due to a sagging, the Selene gets stuck in the dust, about 15 meters deep, which is measured later by the rescue team. By excessive disaster, the radio stops working, and the weight of the dust on the ship due to its packing makes it tropical hot inside the ship. This moves the occupants to a start of undressing, giving the interior a funny sight as most travelers on board are academics. One of them is a space traveler and from the moment he announced this he took the guidance on structurated spending the time of the travelers.

Initially, it is not very clear, even for them, what they are waiting for, the coming death or salvation.

But an astronomer Tom, despite his stubbornness, is a very fine scientist and succeeds in seeing the radiation on images of the disappearance under the dust.

A rescue team is sent out and rescued a rescue plan.

All the Moon is in the roar and the event also draws on other planets and on Earth about half a billion viewers to the TV screen.

While the rescue is near, twice a new disaster still raises so that the tension ends up to the end.

Clarke uses a nice typing of all the occupants and the evolution of the idle that develops between Pat and Sue. Eventually, this ends in a marriage and may be considered as the main intrigue of the novel.


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