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The end of Moon exploration

Wed, Jul 19th, 2017 @ 4:05:08 AM - 


The end of Moon exploration is not yet in sight. The Moon can be of great help for the inhabitants of the Earth, one of the later ESA Moon projects unveils. What to think for instance about a new mobile communication center only some dozens of meters from NASA’s first landing place where they planted their flag?

The political wedding between Angela Merkel and Macron

Oh yes, the political marriage between the German chancellor and the new French president took place. To those who follow the EU news from nearer and have observed the many photos witnessing from this intensive collaboration I certainly don’t tell old stuff!

A drill soon on the Moon – will it disturb us?

Imagine a project on the moon for which they use real metro drills to build the higher mentioned station. I got from my trash archive this aquarelle from 2004 or ’05 depicting this Moon robot on wheels in action. Quite compact as The FlexiROC T20 R reaches at least the three meters. All the Earth inhabitants of the atmosphere will probably not have much trouble because of this until a savant one or another day proves the absolute contrary because sound waves are only transformations of an atmosphere. Noise exists of physical waves that can’t be transmitted through a vacuum. On the Moon you can’t breathe so that would be cause number one that you can’t talk to another, only, there seem to be no sound waves at all in a vacuum. If there was a mission during which this was discovered, well, that probability is quite small because they had to find a solution for the impossibility of oral speech on thin air heaven bodies. Although during one or more of the Apollo missions, they experienced the consequences of a too high Nitrogen percentage in the air. I admit that on my aquarelle first of all the perspective bad. The reason that I had to upload it so urgently is that I saw on a German website the same car although not yet in action. The purpose of my pictured mission was still gathering Moon samples but now they want to build a mobile communication tower. Mobile waves are no pure sound or light waves. And honestly, I’ve forgotten now what their composition. They are a very special kind that the SETI institution uses or ever used to find high technically developed civilizations in space. Now they say they never found anything that points in that direction.

Mobile communication has taken place on Earth if not at the moment then at least in the past

I have always believed in space travel especially in unmanned. And as far as I know, Geo satellites circulate above the atmosphere where the air becomes always thinner. Whatever the composition of the communication waves, didn’t the 12 they put on the Moon communicate by times with NASA director?

Houston there is no problem

Merkel & Macron operate together since Trump’s visit to Belgium, for several purposes among which the NATO Top. It all started on the NATO location in Brussels while a newspaper publicity that Obama said to Angela Merkel “We can’t hide behind a wall” was running fictively in Berlin. What schemes they all hatch, many are are still in the unknown.

More about the project

Little cars as on disastrous aquarelle above fill themselves in a minimal time with Moon samples but with what purpose? We all remember the wall of Berlin and also that it’s destroyed. A new wall will be built on the Moon.


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