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7 Reasons To Choose An Android Tablet Over An iPad

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By []Dorothy Elliott

The battle between Android and iOS has been a long standing one. While iOS devices have earned a reputation for their ergonomic designs and the use of premium build materials, Android smartphones and tablets are known for their new and cutting-edge features on every new device they roll out.

Tablets are very functional devices as they combine the features of a laptop and smartphone in one. If you are contemplating a new tablet purchase, you are probably thinking Android tablet or iPad. We go for the Android tablet and here are 7 reasons for it.

1. A Wider Selection

The Android operating system is an open source operating system. The Honeycomb 3.0 version has been specially designed for tablets, unlike the other smartphone versions that were simply scaled up. Samsung, Dell, Acer, LG, Motorola all use the Android OS for their tablets. On the contrary, Apple holds its monopoly. A larger number of manufacturers automatically increase the number of devices. Thus, they allow for more variety in different sizes as well as price ranges. They range from 5 inch to 10 inches in size.

2. Multitasking

Recent versions of the Android tablet are powered by dual and quad core processors. They generate enough power to run several applications at a time enabling multitasking without slowdowns and lags. Features such as the multitasking panel can help you view the running applications at the touch of a single button.

3. Freedom to Shop

If you want to purchase and download apps on your iPad, you have to sync it with iTunes store. It approves every app that goes on sale at its store. There is no other place you can shop for apps and media except Kindle’s eBook store. It is not only slow but also very costly. Buying an Android tablet let’s you choose where you would like to buy music, movies, apps and books from. So, you can compare prices and get them cheaper.

4. Google-Centric

Google is not only about Gmail. There’s Google Talk, Google Docs and Google Maps. Using an Android device connects you directly to all your Google accounts giving you access on the move.

5. Price

The price point is another reason to choose an Android tablet. The iPad is definitely not a budgeted option. There are a number of Android tablets that are at par with the iPad in terms of features and performance, but are almost half its price.

6. Battery Replacement

Replacing a battery is not an easy process on an iPad. It has to be sent in to the company to be repaired and replaced. Not only this, if you forget to sync it before that, you will lose all the personal data and apps stored on it. With an Android tablet you simply buy a new battery and replace it.

7. Unique features

Every OS update for Android brings in better features, mostly improvements on the previous ones. This is mainly because individual manufacturers tweak the OS to add special features. Many of the paid apps for iOS are free apps on Android. Also, the drag and drop facility enables you to transfer files from one device to the next easily.

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