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Jean Rondelet – L’Art de batir – 1858


Jean Rondelet – Traité théorique et pratique de l’art de bâtir – in 5 volumes, 2 supplements in one volume, plus 2 large volumes Atlas of plates (Atlas and Supplement) – Firmin Didot, Paris , 1858 (11th edition)Text: about 1,700 pagesAtlas : Atlas of 207 plates + Supplement of 105 plates. Plates: Atlas numbered up to 207, with plates 168 and 194 bis), including 2 fold-out plates (92 and 100), supplement numbered 1 to 105. Size:Text: 24 x 31.5 cm — Height: 17 cmAtlas 54 x 37 cm, height : 6 cm (Atlas), 4 cm (supplement)Complete and uniform editionOriginal uniform paperboard bindings, slightly rubbed, solid. Atlas and Supplement: dented crowns, with lack on the spine (see photos), binding in general strong, a bit tricky because of the weight of the two volumes (10 kg for the two Atlas) and 19 kg for the complete edition.Very little foxing. Flyleaf of the atlas folded. Complete, in very good condition.Jean Rondelet, sometimes called Jean-Baptiste Rondelet, is an architect and French theorist of architecture. For 42 years, from 1770 to 1812, he dedicated himself to the Paris Pantheon.

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