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Collection of Tomb Raider Comics and Cross-overs – x36 SC Comics – First Print


In this lot:Tombraider 1, 3x times different coverTombraider 2 up to 20(number 16 has some small toothmarks) Tombraider 0Tombraider galleryTombraider 1/2 wizzard specialTombraider/witcblade 1/2 wizzardDark crossings 1Fathom 11, 12Tombraider Origins 1Tomb Raider yourneys 1b,2Tomb Raider / Witcblade revisited 1Witcblade / Tomb Raider 1 x2 different coversWitchblade / Tomb Raider 1/2All together 36 comics and all are first print Everything will be carefully packed!

Estimate price:40.00
Current price:52.00
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End auction:15/02/2018 20:10
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