• 30w Mono Solar Panel Battery Charging Kit Charger Controller Boat Caravan HomeK1
30w Lowenergie Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel Charging Kit Lightweight design with rigid anodised aluminium alloy frame and toughened glassDesigned in the UK. CE, TUV, ISO 9001 quality assurance.Our Monocrystalline panels are 2 to 4% more efficient than polycrystalline.Why Go SolarBeat energy inflation, energy security, remote location power sources (save a fortune on armored cabling), mobile power sources, fast payback periods over conventional fuel sources such as diesel generation and hook-ups, keep batteries fully charged at all time as deep discharge shortens life, environmentally friendly power which reduces carbon emissions to slow global warming and climate change.Monocrystalline Advantages over Cheaper Polycrystalline solar panelsMonocrystallinepurest silicone 16-20% efficiencyperforms better in lower light levels i.e. in overcast skieslongest life with lowest rate of performance loss of only 0.36% per year, therefore a 100w panel would be around 91w after 25 yearsbetter heat tolerance, i.e. performs better on hot summer daysPolycrystallinelower grade silicone 13-16% efficiencycheaper production costsperformance loss 0.64% per year, therefore a 100w panel would be around 84w after 25 yearsslightly lower heat tolerance than mono crystalline solar panels, i.e. excessive heating of the panel causes a reduction in power generation ApplicationsSheds, Stables, Boats, Caravans, Motorhomes, electric fencing, road/ path/ driveway illuminated signage, campsites, yurts, multi-panel off grid power source for small buildings, remote telecomms, mobile food outlets, and many more...Independent Off-Grid Solar Power SourceOne or more solar panels can be connected a battery bank and power inverter using a solar charge controller. You can therefore have a 240v power supply anywhere in the world without grid supply. Please see our solar power kits. Solar Panels do still generate power during cloudy and rainy weatherWe have a rough guide below to solar panel power output relative to weather conditions:- 100% power output - clear sky midday sun with the panel fully tilted toward the sun's position in the sky.75-85% output - clear sky midday sun but with the panel laid flat50-65% output - thin cloud, or intermittent small clouds10-20% output - midday overcast sky or rainy conditions Technical Specifications30 Watt(with 5m Cable) In the event that the solar panel is in shade for a prolonged period, our solar panels either have one or two built-in bypass diodes which will enable the panel to continue generating. Solar Panel Battery Charge Regulator Controller 12V / 24V Auto SwitchingSolar charge controllers are required to regulate the power output from the solar panels to ensure effective charge of a typical 12V or 24V lead acid battery without overload. PWM (Pulse Wave Modulation) solar charge controller provide a cost effective solar charger for the solar panel outputs in our range. Optimised charge control which helps to prolong the life of the battery. 3-6% more effective than non-PWM charge controllers. LED indicator light to show battery state. Uses industrial grade micro-controller chip to work in a wide range of temperatures and humidity. Warning: The Connection Order Below must be followed1, Battery Cable, 2 Load Cable, 3, Solar Panel CableDo not install the charge controller in a sealed enclosure where battery gases can accumulate. These charge controllers can be used with one or more 12V batteries where additional storage capacity may be needed. Solar Charge Controller - Technical 5A Rated Load Current and Rated Charge CurrentSuitable for 12V or 24V systems, auto detecting & auto switchingLED indicator 1 -Battery Overlow : 10.5V-11V 21V-22VLED indicator 2 -Battery Normal : 10.5~11V-13.7V 21~22V-27.4VLED indicator 3 -Battery Full : ≥13.7V ≥ 27.4VLED for PV input power charging indicatorLED for Load power usagePower on/off switch controlling the USB and 12v output12v DC (750ma) output and 5V USB (500ma) outputs which can charge mobile phones/ tablets and other small devices.PV Reverse Polarity Protection; Battery Reverse Polarity Protection; Battery Overcharge Protection; Battery Discharge Protection; Output Over Current Protection; Load Short Circuit Protectionworking temperature range -35 to +55 Deg CDimensions - 133 x 70 x 33.5 mmWeight - 165 grams Solar Kit Contents30 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel with 5M cable attached2 Metre battery connection cable with crocodile clipsPWM Solar Charge Controller including USB & DC 12V output plug/ cable & user manual All our products listed on eBay require immediate Paypal payment. If you are wishing to purchase more than one item, click 'Add to Basket' and then proceed to the next item. Once you have added all items to the basket, click the 'basket' icon in the top right corner of the page and complete payment. We post week days Monday - Friday via Royal MailPlease note: We try to dispatch the same day however sometimes this is not possible due to our Royal Mail collection time.If located in Northern Ireland or Highlands and Islands please email prior to buying for confirmation of any additional postage charge. In line with DSR any item can be returned to us within 7 days. We must be notified in writing of the cancellation and refunds can take upto 30 days.The item must be in a re-sale condition, we will not cover any returns postage. To comply with all UK building regulations any electrical work should be carried out by a UK certified electrician. All electricity should be switched off prior to ANY electrical work being carried out.Low Energy Supermarket accepts no responsibility for any electrical item purchased being installed and any item is fitted at owners risk. Low Energy Supermarket was founded in 2010, we offer various energy saving products which help to reduce the ever rising energy bills. We only offer quality products at a competitive price. Please contact us via the eBay messaging centre, we aim to respond to emails within 24 hours (excluding weekends)

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30w Mono Solar Panel Battery Charging Kit Charger Controller Boat Caravan HomeK1

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