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Kobo Aura 6" eReader, Illuminated Touch Screen, 4GB, Wi-Fi, Black - New !!! The ComfortLight will help you read in the dark with an evenly illuminated front-light with gesture controlled brightness settings (Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee) Discover a simple and natural ereading experience with kobo aura and get lost in your story on the 6 carta e ink touchscreen. The lightweight design is comfortable to hold for hours of reading; you'll never want to put it down. E-reader features: 6 inch e-ink front lit touch screen. Wi-Fi connectivity. Screen resolution: 1024 x 768. Internal memory 4GB - stores 3000 books. Just like a printed page, read comfortably in direct sunlight without glare or brighten your reading experience and read in complete darkness with the built-in, fully adjustable comfortlight. No matter the time of day, keep reading without eyestrain. Kobo aura is compact and portable so you can take it with you just about anywhere. You'll never run out of reading material with storage of up to 3,000 ebooks. With a battery life of up to 2 months, read an entire ebook on a single charge and enjoy the freedom of leaving your charger behind. With built-in wi-fi, get the access you want to over 5 million titles in the kobo ebookstore, so a new favourite is always at your fingertips. Get personalized recommendations based on your reading habits and read ratings and reviews from booklovers like you. Micro USB cable . Charge time of 2 hours. Virtual keyboard. Supported formats: ebooks: epub, epub3, pdf, mobi, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tiff, txt, html, rtf, cbz, cbr. Product information Delivering the ultimate screen for readability, the Kobo Aura features a high-res, low-glare E-Ink screen that reads just like print on paper, even in direct sunlight. Featuring a long battery life, 4GB of storage and a ComfortLight for easy reading in the dark, the Aura makes eBooks brilliantly readable. Day and night Carta E Ink technology and Aura's ClarityScreen combine to provide a brilliant print on paper reading experience, even in direct sunlight. Not only is it beautiful to read from, but it also eliminates flashes between page turns, and features touch controls like pinch-to-zoom. The ComfortLight will help you read in the dark with an evenly illuminated front-light with gesture controlled brightness settings. ComfortLight doesn't shine bright lights in your eyes, making it much more comfortable to read than a traditional backlit screen. Large library In the Kobo Book Store, you can find over 4 million of the best books and comics available for purchase. Aura is also compatible with a wide range of file types and with 4GB of internal storage you'll be able to keep a vast library with up to 3000 books on your device. Adjustable pages Some of us prefer large font, while others are happy with tiny letter. Luckily the Aura will suit both types of readers, and all the in between ones, as it lets you choose from over 40 font sizes! To further improve your reading experience this handy device also gives you the option to select from 11 different font types. Ideal for travel Aura is made to go everywhere with you. It's lightweight and packs a massive battery life so you can take it on long trips without it weighing you down or worrying about the battery running out. Personalised reading experience Kobo Reading Life is an enriched reading experience designed to enhance your passion for reading and help you get more out of your books. You can personalise your reading experience with TypeGenius, see an overview of all your reading-related activities and interact with books to discover related web articles, books and authors. Kobo Picks and Collections help you find more reading material tailored to your reading history, and you can also share what you're reading, your favourite passages and post reviews to your Facebook timeline. ***************************************************** *********************************************************************************************************** IMPORTANT....! WE WANT YOU TO BE 100% HAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE!! IF THERE IS ANY PROBLEM OF ANY KIND PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY VIA EMAIL SO WE CAN ASSIST. THANK YOU

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Kobo Aura 6

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